Assistance for Those Accused of Armed Robbery

If police arrest you or a loved one on armed robbery charges, you could be facing many years in prison if you are convicted. Robbery itself is already a felony charge, but when use of a deadly weapon or firearm is used in its commission, it can up the seriousness of the consequences immensely. If arrested, cooperate with officers but do not make any statements until you procure the services of a San Diego theft crimes lawyer. You have the right to remain silent and to avoid self-incrimination, and police will do all within their power to strengthen their case against you through the statements you make.

Robbery is defined as the taking of property from a person or their immediate presence by use of force, threats or intimidation. First degree robbery, which includes robbery of an inhabited dwelling, an operator of a bus, taxi or other vehicle for hire, or anyone at an ATM, carries a 3 to 9 year prison sentence if convicted. Second degree robbery – including all other instances of the crime – can bring 2 to 5 years imprisonment. Things get much worse when you commit armed robbery, as using a gun to commit the crime adds 10 years to an already tough sentence. And if you discharge the weapon during a robbery, it can add 20 additional years

Armed Robbery Defense Lawyer in San Diego

A robbery conviction counts as a “strike” against California’s tough three strikes policy, so it can have even broader effects than that of a single conviction, depending on your record. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC, understand the seriousness of your situation and want to help ensure that your legal rights are well-protected. With our 21 years of collective experience and proven track record from nearly 100 trials, our qualifications and commitment to client success speak for themselves.

If you have been arrested on an armed robbery charge, immediately contact a San Diego armed robbery defense lawyer for swift action in your case.