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Assault is defined as bringing about substantial harm to a person. The battery is causing the harm. Instead of actual harm, the activity or threat can involve aggressive contact. Both are immensely grave crimes and the penalty for each if imposed as misconduct, is six months in the county jail. However, the penalty is increased to one year if this crime is done against a firefighter or a police officer. The punishment is enhanced if charged as a felony, depending on the severity of the injuries and other factors.  In the battery case, the judgment is brought to three years in the prison if any harm comes to the victim. The sentence can further be increased to nine years if the weapon used is a firearm.

If you are charged with assault or battery crime, appointing an attorney at the Law Offices of Kerry L Armstrong for your defense should be the very first step taken by you. Our attorneys have an established record of accomplishment.

Considering the gravity of these charges, it is very important for you to have an experienced lawyer at your side in order to secure the best possible outcome. Founder Attorney Top Criminal Defense Law Firms has alone advocated various cases from the past 18 years plus and his experience will surely assist you. Amidst prosecutors and judges, San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys are highly recognized and trusted, and are also featured often on the local and national news.

The penalties for people convicted of assault and battery crime are:

  • Incarceration
  • Probation
  • Severe fines
  • Restitution
  • Criminal legal record, which can prevent you from being able to find and maintain employment, lease property or any other opportunity that depends on the outcome of a simple background check.

Why our clients continuously choose our attorneys for their Assault and Battery cases?

  • Our lawyers have exhibited great success account in most of the cases.
  • Our attorneys are profoundly experienced and have won several accolades.
  • They are frequently featured in the news as well.
  • Assault and Battery defense attorneys have competent and proactive approaches for your defense.
  • There are no-obligation case consultations.

Information concerning Our Criminal Defense Services:

Keeping in mind the enormity of this sort of legal situation, if you are arrested and charged with aggravated assault or battery, it is necessary that you should promptly look for a legal representation. Contact our skilled and experienced assault and battery defense lawyers because they are fully aware and capable of not only protecting not your rights but also seeking a positive outcome for your case. However, one of the most crucial thing you should always look after is that until and unless you have secured and consulted your lawyer, do not talk about your legal matter with anyone. It is essential to acknowledge that anything you say can and very likely will be used against you in the prosecution’s case.

Our defense lawyers believe that if a person is charged with an assault or a battery case, the possibility of getting an agreeable conclusion is possible depending on how early you begin with your search for accomplishing a defense for yourself that is good and solid.

It is not that only your future that is at risk if you are alleged with an assault or a battery crime. The future of people close to you also gets affected. That is why our lawyers suggest that you should not pause for a long time before getting in touch with an attorney. An action that is taken soon after you are alleged with a crime makes your position strong, as it will assist you to refrain the adverse and grave outcome that a sentence can bring. Our experienced attorneys are always ready to assist you so that you can actively work for an absolution.

Our legal team of assault and battery defense attorneys digs out all possibilities that are present for your protection. After successfully fighting a considerable amount of cases, today our lawyers believe that if the evidence is reexamined rightly and properly evaluated, then the outcome could be in the favor of the convicted. That is the reason why, the daily work of our assault and battery defense attorneys involves re-evaluating the reports of police, lab records, aggressively cross-examining witnesses, and seeking other evidence. Furthermore, it is essential to for our attorneys to know whether in any way your rights were violated by law enforcement personnel before or after you were charged. This is so because if in case your rights were really violated, then the prosecutor or the judge might be convinced to free the matter or the case can be dismissed altogether.

Our attorneys have 35 years of combined experience of the courtroom and defending criminal cases in San Diego and they have expertly handled thousands of criminal cases. Our assault and battery defense attorneys will do everything possible to guard your name and secure your reputation because we understand the vitality of a case’s result might mean to you.


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