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When someone points a gun or a knife at another individual it is known as assault with a deadly weapon. It is also known as aggravated assault. If the deadly weapon remains in the person’s car, it may still fall under the charge of assault with a deadly weapon It is a separate, more serious crime than simple assault and is usually charged as a felony that can result in imprisonment for up to 4 years or more, a fine of up to $10,000, and restitution to the victim, depending on the weapon used. Assault with a deadly weapon can be counted as a “strike” on your record under California’s Three Strikes Law. If it is your first conviction, it potentially opens the door for much heavier penalties if you are convicted again.

Because you have so much at stake, you need to consult with a San Diego violent crimes lawyer who has experience with these kinds of cases. The attorneys from The Law Office of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC have over 21 years collective experience representing clients accused of assault with a deadly weapon and are dedicated to providing you with an aggressive defense.

Deadly Weapons Defined

Any assault using force that has the likelihood of causing great bodily harm to another may fall under the category of assault with a deadly weapon. The weapons that may be involved are not only guns and knives. They may be anything that has the potential to hurt another when used with the intent of being a weapon. A car, a stick, an attack dog, a beer bottle may all be considered to be deadly weapons and those accused of using those weapons to inflict bodily harm upon another may be charged with aggravated assault.

The prosecutor only needs to show that your actions were likely to cause harm, not that harm actually occurred. We have represented dozens of clients who have been charged with felonies and knowhow to effectively counter the prosecution’s case. Our legal team will fight to get your charges reduced, to a misdemeanor or, if possible, dismissed, because we know how a strike on your record would impact your life and your future.

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