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Boat lovers are drawn towards the beautiful San Diego bay for recreational fun such as sailing, fishing, and diving. Many San Diego residents take advantage of living so close to the ocean and own watercraft or boats. It is important to understand, however, that it is illegal in the state of California to operate a boat with a BAC level of .08 percent or higher. If you are found boating under the influence (BUI), you could be facing harsh penalties, including expensive fines, jail time, and court-ordered alcohol education programs.

You can even get arrested for waterskiing with a BAC of .85 percent or higher. Boating under the influence is as serious a charge as driving under the influence, and your case should be handled by an experienced local defense lawyer.

Proving BUI Charges in Court

In order to convict you of a BUI, the prosecutor must use the following evidence successfully:

  • The impairment you exhibited while operating the boat
  • Physical signs of drinking such as: slurred speech, unsteady walking
  • Failure of field sobriety tests
  • A chemical test such as a breath or blood test

The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC has helped many clients that were charged with BUI achieve Not Guilty verdicts, get their cases dismissed, and get their charges and penalties reduced through smart and effective negotiation.

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If your case is taken on, we will thoroughly review every aspect of your BUI case. Law enforcement make errors and we will see to it that every avenue is explored in your defense. From inaccurate blood testing to arrest legalities, we will cover it all. If you hire a seasoned DUI attorney from our firm you may be able to avoid the imminent penalties such as license suspension, hefty fines, probation, alcohol education classes, and community service.

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