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You hear about such incidents in the news almost every day. Someone has their vehicle stolen right out from underneath them by a criminal brandishing a gun or using threats of force or intimidation. This crime is called carjacking. It is a very serious charge and if convicted, a person faces at least 9 years in prison – potentially much more if a weapon is used or someone is injured. If you or a loved one has been caught up in a carjacking incident and now face charges, stay calm and call a San Diego theft lawyer for assistance. Immediate legal care is available to you and it is extremely important.

Several key elements must be proven by prosecutors in a carjacking trial. The elements of the crime are very similar to robbery, except specifically involving a vehicle:

  • The car or motor vehicle did not belong to you
  • The vehicle was taken directly from a driver or passenger, or in their immediate presence
  • You took the vehicle against the owner/occupier’s will
  • Force or fear was used to take the vehicle or to prevent resistance
  • You intended to deprive the owner of the property on (essentially) a permanent basis

Carjacking actually not only involves gaining possession of a stolen vehicle, but also moving it – even if only a short distance. It must also be proven that there existed intent to steal the vehicle prior to execution of any force or fear.

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