Charged with a crack related drug crime?

Crack is a kind of cocaine which has been purified into a form which can be smoked. It is classified by the Controlled Substances Act as very addictive and illegal to be used in almost every circumstance. If you are facing charges for a crime involving crack, you are threatened with serious, life-altering penalties and need to speak with a San Diego drug crime lawyer. Being convicted of possessing as small an amount as 5 grams of crack can mean 5 years of prison and other consequences.

At The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC, we are knowledgeable in California state and federal drug laws and we have extensive experience defending clients in and out of the court room. We know how important it is when you have your future at stake with crack crime charges and we take every case as seriously as do our clients.

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If you are taken into custody on a crack related offense, you may face multiple charges depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Such charges as drug possession or possession with intent to sell can be leveled at you, and prosecution is very energetic in pursuing conviction. In the “war on drugs” the federal government and state agencies are aggressive and will try to make you an example with the maximum penalties which can be brought against you.

Therefore, to have any chance of matching their determination, knowledge and experience with criminal law, you must have an aggressive and effective attorney working on your side. We independently investigate every case and prepare a strategy, to fight for your rights and interests with your freedom as our top priority.

Contact a San Diego crack cocaine attorney if you or anyone you love has been charged with a crack cocaine crime.