Charges of Growing & Cultivating Drugs

Cultivation of drugs means the growing, processing or possession of the plants or other elements used in the drug-making process. According to California’s Health and Safety Codes, such offenses are punishable by imprisonment. If you are in custody or have been charged with drug cultivation, contact The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC, where we can provide a San Diego drug crime attorney who can speak with you and help you to understand what legal options are available for your defense.

The difficulties of your own unique circumstances are best addressed with an experienced attorney to give you guidance, vigorously negotiate for you and represent you in court. Prosecution of drug cultivation crime charges is very aggressive. Prosecutors in both federal and state criminal courts are usually experienced and always dedicated to conviction. If found guilty on charges of cultivation of marijuana or other drugs, we may be able to work with prosecutors to obtain a reduction of your charges or mitigate sentencing, based on careful review of the facts in your case.

Drug Cultivation Attorney in San Diego

With the rise in drug cultivation in California, whole task forces have been assembled to investigate these offenses. For that reason, it is extremely important that we conduct our own independent investigation of the facts and circumstances surround your charges. This allows us to explore any available legal avenue for the defense of your rights.

If you have been charged with drug or marijuana cultivation, your future is hanging in the balance, and you need to act energetically to ensure you have the strongest chance for your own freedom. Charges as serious as drug cultivation can affect the rest of your life.

Contact a San Diego criminal defense lawyer to discuss your circumstances and legal options if you have been charged with cultivation of drugs or marijuana.