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Crimes that consist of a substantial percentage of the cases filed by both state and federal prosecutors are mostly related to drugs.  The important step you must take after being accused of any type of drug trafficking is appointing our accomplished drug trafficking attorney who has an established record of success.

If you are involved with a small amount of marijuana, it can carry a short sentence, but if the amount of drug involved is large, it can lead you towards a long sentence. Even if you are involved in the drug sales, you will not be safe from the law.  Furthermore, the case usually becomes federal if a person is arrested while smuggling drugs over the border and a majority of these cases consequence in a “mandatory minimum” of at least five years in a jail. Considering the graveness of the consequences, if you are being charged with a drug case, be it small or large in amount, the most important step you should take next is getting in touch with our highly experienced attorneys at The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms. The lawyers at our law firm hold an established and remarkable record of success in defending the people who are accused of all types of drug crimes.

For the manufacturing of drugs in California, the Legislature has commissioned different penalties which include:

  • A person accused of drug possession or is charged with the intent to sell it, the penalty after the judgment could have a long time in jail.
  • You may even get charged with a felony drug manufacturing offense that depends on the amount and type of drug found or being manufactured.
  • Drug trafficking is deemed as a felony offense and is certainly linked to sales of controlled substances, ecstasy or other drug distribution
  • If you have been arrested for producing or manufacturing drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, or crack, you are entitled to remain several years in prison.
  • Drug cultivation is the act of growing, processing, or possessing the plants or other elements used in the drug making the process that the law has defined. In this drug cultivation, Marijuana is the main drug that is included and if you caught by the law, according to the drug charges involved, you may receive a severe penalty for its possession as well.

Our attorneys at the Law Office of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms have a combined experience of 35 years in defending clients accused in drug trafficking cases in San Diego. We approach every case with discretion, professionalism, and importance. Individually, lawyer Top Criminal Defense Law Firms has carried over 75 jury trials to court including sex crimes, murder trials, domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, arson, assault and battery, violent crimes and various other trials that carried a life sentence. Additionally, he has taken to court over 40 juvenile trials, including trials for child molest, assault, and vandalism.

Why our clients continuously choose us for their Drug Trafficking Cases?

  • Past record of cases with proven success
  • Free, no-obligation case consultations
  • Attorneys are often featured in the news
  • The lawyers have won many accolades
  • Strategies of defense that is both effective and aggressive
  • Drug trafficking attorneys have competent and proactive strategies for defense

It is observed that in most of the cases, often an extra investigation into the facts is important in order to formulate an adequate defense. At times many people are not properly aware of the grave punishments and penalties that come along with a prescription drug offense. With the help of our experienced and accomplished drug crime attorney, you may be able to avoid jail or prison if caught with illegal prescription medication, charged with “doctor-shopping” to get too much of a prescribed narcotic, or if you commit other crimes (like DUI or assault) while taking too much prescribed medication. Our legal team of the skilled members is always ready to meet with you and address your defense. If you are a first-time drug offender or a continuous drug offender, our team is always ready to the help you in achieving best possible results in your case.

Make Sure Your Rights are Protected

Law-enforcement officers have strict rules and regulations to follow about search and seizures. But while doing so, there are chances that your rights can get violated. You must understand your rights, for they are your fundamental right.  An experienced drug trafficking attorney from our Law Office can assist you and identify whether a violation occurred or not. Our lawyers have acquired positive results for clients charged with all sorts of drug crimes. They are always ready to assist you no despite the nature of the accusation, no matter what the condition is.


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