Get Strong Defense If You’ve Been Charged With Trafficking

Trafficking or drug trade is a state and federal crime which can be charged as a felony and is severely punishable under both criminal law systems. Trafficking is especially connected to drug distribution or sales of controlled substances, but can also include any or all of the phases of cultivation or manufacturing as well. If you are under investigation or have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking, you need a competent and aggressive San Diego drug crime lawyer with a strong record of favorable outcomes in and out of court.

At The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC, our San Diego criminal defense lawyers have a record of aggressive and effective defense of our clients. We are interested in assisting you to understand your case and in providing you with our legal guidance and representation services. We have helped clients in dozens of drug crime trials to bring about a successful result and – depending on your circumstances – we may be able to help you possibly gain a reduction of charges or even a dismissal.

Choose an Experienced Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Being found guilty on first offenses has severe penalties, contingent on the circumstances and severity of the crime. However, any time an individual has a prior conviction on drug related charges, penalties for drug trafficking are automatically enhanced. This means, for example, that a prison sentence will be a longer one for any repeat offender. And with prosecutors and investigators energetically focused on conviction of virtually anyone with enough evidence against them to be charged, you cannot let your future be unjustly damaged.

When your fate is at stake because of drug charges, get an attorney who can and is willing to stand by you with determined and effective legal representation.

Contact a San Diego drug trafficking attorney if you are facing charges of drug trafficking or any related drug crime.