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We have all heard of the crime of embezzlement in the news and realize just how serious a charge it can be. Also known as employee theft, embezzlement is classified as a white collar crime. Unlike other types of theft crimes, it involves stealing something that was entrusted to you.

Being charged with embezzlement is generally something that happens to employees who steal by “fudging the numbers” or pocketing from the till, defrauding their employer of property to which they had legal access to, but in the end did not belong to them. To begin immediate work on your defense, contact a San Diego theft lawyer.

Proving Embezzlement in Court

There are certain key aspects that must be proved in court to successfully obtain an embezzlement conviction, and a skilled defense attorney can challenge the prosecution’s ability to do so. They must show that you had a relationship of trust with the victim of the theft, that that person trusted you with certain property, and that you intended to defraud that person by taking said property as your own.

This can occur in many ways in all manner of businesses and companies, from a retail store clerk to a high-powered executive. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged crime and the value of property involved, it can be charged as petty theft or grand theft, and either as a misdemeanor or felony. Steep fines and a possible several years of jail time await those who are convicted. If the amount of money or property exceeded $65,000, then additional sentencing enhancements may apply.

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We at the Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC, understand that you are going through a confusing and difficult time. The embarrassment and scrutiny of an embezzlement arrest can be intense, and you deserve legal help that can help ensure your rights are not violated as police scour for evidence. With firm action, our attorneys will tenaciously defend against these serious charges and will guide you through each step of the criminal defense process.

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