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Stealing from your employer is a serious allegation and if you face such an accusation you need to make immediate contact with a San Diego theft crimes attorney. Employee theft, more widely known as embezzlement, can happen in all lines of industry and business. Depending on the amount stolen in an employee theft, misdemeanor petty theft charges or felony grand theft charges can be filed. If convicted, you can be subject to not only grievous punishments but also to a lifetime of scrutiny and rejection by future employers for your involvement in a crime of moral turpitude.

What makes embezzlement and employee theft unique from other forms of theft crimes is that it involves the element of trust. Say you run the counter at the local gas station and you have been entrusted with keeping the owner’s property and money safe. If, in violation of this trust, you take money from the register or “graze” off food items, you are committing employee theft. The same principle holds true for the CFO of a large company who diverts millions of dollars and hides it from the books for his own personal use. The larger the amount involved in the employee theft, the stiffer the penalties, including increasingly harsh penalty enhancements for theft of property over $65,000. A skilled lawyer can work to have more minor instances – less than $50 – reduced or dismissed, clearing your criminal record.

Accused of stealing from your employer?

If you find yourself arrested for employee theft, absolutely do not make statements to police until you can obtain the outstanding team at the Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC. Our attorneys can protect you from incriminating yourself, and will take the helm of you defense efforts, including investigating your case and negotiating with prosecutors. You can trust our firm for a high level of knowledgeable and caring legal service.

If you or a loved one has been charged with employee theft, contact a San Diego Defense Lawyer today to begin work on your case.