Seal Your Criminal Record Through Expungement

Expungement concerns the sealing of criminal records. It makes a big difference when applying for jobs. When a person applies for a job, he is typically asked if he has ever been arrested or convicted of a crime. If he has, he must answer yes or face misrepresentation charges if the employer checks the record. However if his record is expunged, he can lawfully deny the arrest or conviction. It must be noted that the sealing of criminal records in California is not airtight.

Often employers still learn of expunged charges when they check. If they do, the job applicant may not get the job but still has a complete defense to any accusation of misconduct. When the employer fails to check however, the applicant has a definite advantage in getting the job. If you need expungement of your criminal record, you are urged to contact a San Diego criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC.

Who may get their criminal records expunged in California?

Examples of individuals that may apply to get their records expunged include:

  • Juveniles upon reaching the age of 18 may request their juvenile criminal record be sealed.
  • A person who has been arrested but never convicted may request that the arrest be removed from the record.
  • When a person finishes serving a period of probation, he may ask the court to let him withdraw his guilty plea. If the court lets him, the court then proceeds to dismiss the charge against him. The person may now ask for the arrest and conviction of the dismissed charge be expunged.

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