Experienced San Diego Drug Lawyers

Both the state and federal criminal law systems have extensive statutes governing and restricting illegal drugs. Drug crimes have serious penalties for anyone convicted and they can be “enhanced” to more severe consequences if circumstances warrant it, such as repeat offenses or a large amount of drugs being involved.

Drug crimes may be prosecuted in federal criminal courts, especially when the alleged crimes involve crossing state or national borders or involve a significant amount of drugs. If you are facing federal drug crime charges, immediately retain a San Diego drug crime attorney from our team at The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC.

The Importance of Choosing a Proven Defense Team

If you are facing federal charges for drug crimes, the consequences may not be the same as if you were being tried in the state criminal justice system. Federal prosecutors and agencies can often be the most experienced prosecutors and are usually better funded than other agencies. Thus you need legal representation from a strong San Diego criminal defense attorney with federal law experience. We conduct our own investigation of every case and draw from that a tough, legal strategy which is directly geared toward upholding your constitutional rights. We remain focused and dedicated to the best possible outcome for your case.

The prosecution can be expected to use every approach they can for conviction and be very energetic about it. Drug crimes are taken very seriously and you can almost guarantee that they have already made up their mind with “guilty”, just by virtue of the charges themselves. By exploring the available avenues for your defense, we can project what the likely outcome will be for any one of them and thus help you to determine which legal strategy is best suited to protecting your rights and interests.

Contact a San Diego federal drug lawyer to discuss your charges and legal options, and give us the opportunity to fight for your rights and freedom.