Juvenile Crimes

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Discuss Your Options with a Skilled Defense Lawyer

Defense of juvenile crimes is important. Conviction of a juvenile crime can affect a child’s eligibility for certain colleges and scholarships and limit his choice of occupations. Juvenile court is different from adult court in many ways. For instance there is no jury trial in juvenile court.

Your child’s chances of a favorable outcome in juvenile court are greatly improved by retaining an attorney with juvenile court experience. If your child needs representation, you are urged to contact a San Diego criminal attorney who is seasoned in juvenile crime defense.

Understanding the Juvenile Criminal System

When a police officer arrests a juvenile he has the choice of taking him to his parents or to juvenile hall. At juvenile hall the intake worker has discretion, after perhaps a short lecture, to return the child to the police officer to take home or can hold the child the juvenile hall. If the intake worker keeps the child in juvenile hall, he makes a report to the prosecutor.

On receiving the report, the prosecutor files a “petition” with the juvenile court and the matter is set for hearing. At the hearing, the judge considers the matter with the child, parents, attorneys and a caseworker from the juvenile probation department in attendance. If the child is found guilty, he may be put on probation and sent home, placed in a foster or group home, put in the county’s youth camp or referred to the Youth Authority of the state.

Has Your Child been Charged with a Crime in San Diego?

The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC is a juvenile criminal defense firm serving the San Diego, CA area. Our team has over 30 years of collective experience in criminal defense. In taking on a juvenile case, we speak with the child to find out his or her side of the story so that we can best explore defenses to the charges. We also consult with the parents to answer questions and orient them to the juvenile court procedure.

We seek to have the child emerge as unscathed as possible from the experience and that there is no re-occurrence. Contact a San Diego juvenile defense lawyer for vigilant representation of your child.[/fullwidth]

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