Kerry Armstrong Enters Not Guilty Plea on The Behalf of U.S. Navy Commander

Last week, attorney Kerry Armstrong arrived in court to register a not guilty plea on behalf of his client, a U.S. Navy commander who faces some grave felony charges, comprising of attempted rape and “hot prowl” burglary. As reported by the various media outlets, following an incident and police chase earlier this month, the accused is now out on $100,000 bail. According to the prosecutors, he came across a Navy colleague at a hotel in Downtown and the two went to the colleague’s home in the Valencia Park area of San Diego later that night. When screams were heard by a neighbor who then intervened and whilst attempting to escape from the police, the accused was arrested.

Against the accused, there are four total charges existing: felony assault with intent to commit rape, resisting arrest, attempted forcible rape, and “hot prowl” burglary. The accused, an Iraq War veteran is the father of five and head of the Guam-based Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25.

Comprehending “Hot Prowl” Burglary:

Resident “hot prowl” burglary, being a somewhat uncommon accusation, has drawn the most media concentration among the accuser’s charges. Most of the times when burglary charges are correlated with theft crimes, prosecutors, in this case, are asserting that the offender entered the premises with the intention to commit a felony (rape). The “hot prowl” distinction applies when at the time of this sort of robbery the landlord is still in their house.

Attorney Armstrong and his team at The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms are currently preparing for his client’s trial. Our firm is anticipating in facing the state’s assertions and guaranteeing that our client in this matter gets every consideration he wants.

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