Kerry Armstrong’s Client Avoids Felony Charges, Jail Time

The Law Office of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms is pleased to announce that for yet another client, attorney Top Criminal Defense Law Firms has obtained a favorable case result. In this case, following a road rage incident of a driver who was accused of various felony charges, attorney Armstrong was successful to secure an agreement that involves no jail time and protects his client’s driving privileges.

Case Background

The accused chanced upon a group of vehicles blocking the way while driving in his truck on a rural road in San Diego County. A photo shoot was being held for a sports car magazine by photographers from Los Angeles. Things intensified when the accused promptly got into a shouting match over the road obstruction with photographers.

According to the photographers, the accused began to do “donuts” to kick up dust over the show car and with his truck even attempted to run down one of the photographers. When the accused came out from his truck, he apparently pushed a photographer and broke his phone, too.

Eventually, the accused was charged with various felonies and misconduct. Not only did he face notable prison time, but also the permanent loss of his driving perquisites. That’s when Attorney Armstrong walks in and reviewed the case and the evidence against the client.

Attorney Armstrong was then able to work with prosecutors and acquire a favorable agreement. The felony charges were dismissed and the client would only face three remaining misconduct charges, none of which involved jail time. This settlement not only kept the client from being imprisoned but also allowed him to retain his driving privileges, as well.

We are pleased to inform you Attorney Armstrong’s remarkable outcome which he was able to secure for this client. This case result stands as just another testimony of what our firm is proficient in—even as our clients face serious charges.

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