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A driver’s license enables a person to commute to work, do errands, take the children where they need to go and engage in recreation. Truck drivers, cab drivers, salesmen need a license to do their jobs. Thus, a person’s job and lifestyle can be threatened when he is notified his license is due to be suspended or revoked.

The most common way a license is revoked is when one is arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Other reasons for revocation include having a report that one is physically unfit to drive, due to fainting or some other physical infirmity.

Appealing Driver’s License Revocations

If your driver’s license has been revoked in San Diego County, it is crucial that you take action quickly. The deadline to request a hearing on license suspension or revocation is very short. Enlisting the help of an attorney who understands the Department of Motor Vehicles license revocation process can greatly improve your chances of keeping your license. If you have received a notice that your license is about to be revoked, get in touch with our team at The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC as soon as possible.

If you receive a notice of planned revocation, you need to appeal immediately, because the notice usually gives you only ten days. You will then have a hearing with a hearing officer of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your attorney can persuasively present your case at this hearing.

Has your license been revoked in San Diego? Let us fight for you!

The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC is an aggressive and award-winning defense law firm. We have helped many clients keep their driver’s licenses through energetic representation of their cases at their DMV hearings. When clients lose their licenses that they need in order to work, we help them apply for occupational licenses.

We urge you to call now as the time for asking for a hearing is only days after you receive a revocation notice. Contact our experienced team to learn how we can help you appeal the revocation and fight to keep your driver’s license!