Aggressive Defense for Marijuana Charges

Marijuana is a controlled substance. It is a plant which is used as an illegal drug. It also has been applied to medical conditions and situations. California and federal regulations regarding this drug are strict and penalties for violating them can be severe depending on several factors, including the amount which may be involved in the crime and whether the individual is a repeat drug offender.

If you are under investigation, have been taken into custody or are facing drug crime charges relating to marijuana, contact a San Diego criminal defense attorney for help. Also at issue are California laws regarding medical marijuana use, which can be used to your advantage as a possible defense.

Because of the complexities in the law, an individual up against marijuana related crime charges very likely does not know how many legal avenues may be available for their defense. If you are in this kind of situation, we can help you maximize those actions which may prevent your future from being jeopardized. We are The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC, and with years of experience providing clients with strong defense of their rights, we have achieved success in dozens of drug related trials.

The Impact of a Marijuana Conviction on Your Record

Consequences to being convicted of marijuana offenses can be heavy, depending on the facts and details surrounding the alleged crime. These consequences are not limited to the direct penalties from sentencing, such as prison time, fines, court-ordered drug treatment programs, restitution and probation. A criminal record goes along with any conviction, and it automatically makes it much more difficult to:

  • obtain a satisfactory job or career,
  • apply for funding secondary education, or
  • secure loans or leasing contracts for housing or vehicle.

Retaining an attorney from our firm is key to exploring the legal options which may be appropriate to your case, and allowing us to apply our strong negotiating skills and aggressive trial representation on your behalf.

Contact a San Diego marijuana lawyer for experienced and skilled legal guidance and advocacy for your rights in any marijuana related crime charge.