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A form of involuntary manslaughter, medical manslaughter is the killing of another person in the medical field, unintentionally, but with gross negligence. An example could be a surgeon operating on a patient while intoxicated or a registered nurse misreading her instructions and giving a fatal dose to a patient.

While not discounting what has happened, it is important to view things in perspective and recognize the good that one has done over a career. One incident should not be allowed to negate a career of helping others. If you or a loved one has been charged with medical manslaughter, you are urged to contact a lawyer who is experienced in medical manslaughter defense.

The Importance of Retaining a Top Law Firm

Your freedom is at stake and also your ability to practice your profession. The potential prison sentence is from two to four years. While the circumstances of the matter are compelling, the key factor in the outcome of the case will be the dedication and skill of your attorney. You need to promptly retain an attorney who can provide you with the aggressive defense you need. As a precaution your first action is to stop discussing the matter with others, particularly police. It is better to allow your attorney to handle questions as he will know what to say to protect your rights.

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At The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC, we recognize that our clients did not intend to hurt anyone. We respect them as professionals who may have made a mistake but do not deserve to lose their freedom or careers. We are a seasoned, aggressive medical manslaughter defense firm serving the San Diego, California area.

Our team has over two decades of collective criminal defense experience, with nearly one hundred trials between them. We have won many acquittals and are recognized as superior criminal defense attorneys in the community. Our commitment is to provide our clients with respectful, attentive service and vigilant, top quality defense of their rights.

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