San Diego Arson Defense Attorneys

Arson is the deliberate burning of one’s property and is a grave crime which includes rigorous sentences of imprisonment. If there is the loss of human lives in the fire, then the punishment could be even more severe. The term of the sentence rests on the extent of damage and the fact whether people were hurt in the fire. Please [...]

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Assault & Battery Attorneys in San Diego

Assault is defined as bringing about substantial harm to a person. The battery is causing the harm. Instead of actual harm, the activity or threat can involve aggressive contact. Both are immensely grave crimes and the penalty for each if imposed as misconduct, is six months in the county jail. However, the penalty is increased [...]

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Drug Trafficking Attorneys in San Diego

Crimes that consist of a substantial percentage of the cases filed by both state and federal prosecutors are mostly related to drugs.  The important step you must take after being accused of any type of drug trafficking is appointing our accomplished drug trafficking attorney who has an established record of success. If you are involved with a [...]

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Kerry Armstrong’s Client Avoids Felony Charges, Jail Time

The Law Office of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms is pleased to announce that for yet another client, attorney Top Criminal Defense Law Firms has obtained a favorable case result. In this case, following a road rage incident of a driver who was accused of various felony charges, attorney Armstrong was successful to secure an [...]

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Kerry Armstrong Enters Not Guilty Plea on The Behalf of U.S. Navy Commander

Last week, attorney Kerry Armstrong arrived in court to register a not guilty plea on behalf of his client, a U.S. Navy commander who faces some grave felony charges, comprising of attempted rape and "hot prowl" burglary. As reported by the various media outlets, following an incident and police chase earlier this month, the accused [...]

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San Diego Child Abuse Attorneys

Among the seriousness of various crimes, child abuse is particularly a grave one. If proven guilty, depending upon the act whether it is physical or sexual abuse, a person might even have to face a jail sentence for two years. Sexual abuse of a child in certain cases can even result in sex registration for the [...]

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San Diego Theft Attorneys

Our attorneys at The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms have an authenticated and established record of success in criminal defense. If you are accused, charged or arrested for a theft offense, it is very important that you seek legal counsel immediately because the consequences, if convicted, can be severe. Thus, selecting our theft attorneys in [...]

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San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys

San Diego criminal defense attorneys at our law firm possess an established record of accomplishment and if you are accused of any crime, appointing them for your defense should be the utmost essential choice taken by you. In spite of the nature of crime you are alleged of, be it accusation of domestic violence, assault and [...]

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Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles

Our attorneys have over 35 years of combined experience in fighting cases for our clients who are accused of domestic violence, drug crimes, federal crime, assault and battery, driving under the influence (DUI), fraud, kidnapping, a violent felony offense,  sex crime, theft or any violent crime. Our best criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles are ready [...]

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Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Diego

We are top criminal defense attorneys in San Diego with a proven track record of success, over 35 years of combined experience in handling criminal defense cases. We have defended our clients almost from every San Diego neighborhood from Coronado, Del Mar, Downtown, Hillcrest, La Jolla, Little Italy, Mira Mesa, Mission Valley, North Park, Old [...]

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