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We are experienced criminal defense attorneys in Orange County with over 35 years of combined experience in handling criminal defense cases. We have the most intelligent, aggressive and dedicated team of attorneys ready to help you in defending even the most complex cases. Our lawyers at the Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms have handled thousands of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases throughout California.


We are the front line of defense for our clients in Anaheim, Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Buena Park, Garden Grove, Mission Viejo, and Tustin and all over Orange County. Besides Mr. Armstrong, our team includes two best attorneys, Stefano L. Molea and Daniel F. Greene.  Our Orange County criminal defense attorneys team has been to trial over 130 times collectively including many DUI and sex crime trials and seven murder trials.  Our lawyers are experts in handling cases regarding misdemeanor and felony expungement, probation modifications, and early termination of probation, exemptions related to the Department of Justice’s Sex Offender Website and juvenile dependency and delinquency.

Whether you are facing charges regarding domestic violence, assault and battery, drug crime, federal crime, driving under the influence (DUI), a violent felony offense, fraud, kidnapping, sex crime, theft or any violent crime, we will fight your case with the highest level of enthusiasm and care.  We will provide you defense on every front. Our criminal defense lawyers in Orange County offer you best solutions to overcome complex issues regarding all California crimes.

Having years of courtroom experience, our attorneys are proud of success record for defending serious criminal charge clients. The sooner you start work in looking for a strong defense if you are accused in a criminal case, the more likely you will have a favorable judgment.

Why our clients continuously choose us for their criminal cases?

  • Award winning attorneys who are frequently featured in the news
  • Proven success record of cases in the past
  • Effective and aggressive defense strategies
  • Information regarding our criminal defense services
  • Free, no-obligation case consultations

We always provide necessary information regarding criminal charges to our clients and protecting their freedom and rights by defending their cases. Our attorneys seek out all defense options to assist you in fighting for an acquittal. We analyze every aspect of the evidence carefully and pursue the various options when contesting the prosecutor’s evidence. As you know, there are a large number of cases that could be successfully defended if the evidence is evaluated and reviewed strongly. Challenging police reports, lab reports, aggressively cross-examining witnesses, and seeking other evidence is all part of our daily work.

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