Post Conviction Relief

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San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys

After a criminal hearing has taken place and a conviction is the result, you still have legal options to help you cope with the court’s decision. Having a San Diego criminal defense attorney for your original criminal trial is extremely important, but securing legal representation for post-conviction matters may be even more important. If the trial did not conclude in your favor, you have options such as appealing the decision and expungement.

An appeal is a legal process that is used to protest the outcome of a case when an unfair trial results in a criminal conviction for the defendant. If unfair or illegal evidence has been brought into the court room and displayed to the jurors, this constitutes an appeal. However, a skilled San Diego criminal defense lawyer must write an appeal for a convicted individual; without this, the person may fail to understand and prove to the appellate court how their rights were violated.

Expungements and Defense for Probation Violations

After the probation period is complete, a person may be able to expunge a conviction from their record if they are unable to appeal the decision. Expungements are used in only a few cases, including juvenile cases, arrests and certain misdemeanor offenses. If a person is unable to complete their probation period, it is unlikely that they will be able to seal their criminal record.

If you were unable to complete your probation, you may have a warrant out for your arrest for a probation violation. Several things constitute a probation violation, including an arrest while on probation. If you have been arrested while on probation, even if it is by mistake, you will need help from a criminal defense attorney to have the matter straightened out.

For more information about post-conviction relief options, contact a San Diego criminal attorney at The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC.[/fullwidth]

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