San Diego Drug Crimes Attorney

If you have been charged with any drug offense, whether a federal drug crime, state crime, marijuana possession or other charge, you urgently need the services of a competent San Diego drug crime attorney. The consequences of such charges can be so serious that they damage your future permanently with prison sentences, fines, treatment programs and other penalties.

If you have been convicted of a prior drug offense, new penalties are automatically enhanced under California law. This can result in cancellation of probation and fulfilling a prison sentence, additional years of prison time, even heavier fines and other penalties.

At The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC, our San Diego criminal defense lawyers are well versed in both federal and state drug crime statutes and have represented clients in dozens of trials, obtaining favorable outcomes for them. We are committed to the constitutional rights of our clients and their future freedom.

Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected

Exercising your right to legal counsel after being charged with a drug crime can make all the difference for your defense. If convicted of a repeat offense, you can expect enhanced penalties, but there are still a number of things which can be done for your case. For example, there may have been procedural violations in your arrest or in the search of your belongings or living quarters and any seizure of property or items.

If there was no warrant for search, here may be an avenue to assert your rights and defend against the charges. We can undertake a review of the circumstances surrounding your arrest and seek all available evidence in your favor. There are also other possible avenues for defense. We are committed to our clients and our goal is always to obtain the best possible outcome to protect your rights.

Contact a San Diego criminal defense attorney for aggressive legal representation if you have been charged with a repeat offense in any drug crime.