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Arson is the deliberate burning of one’s property and is a grave crime which includes rigorous sentences of imprisonment. If there is the loss of human lives in the fire, then the punishment could be even more severe. The term of the sentence rests on the extent of damage and the fact whether people were hurt in the fire. Please note that if a person burns his own property for some reasons like getting insurance money from the insurance companies, it is not arson unless it spills over to burn another’s property.

It is very important for you to get an effective legal representation if you have been charged with arson. Arson attorneys at the Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms have a proven record of accomplishment and if you are accused of any arson crime, selecting them for your case should be the first step that you must take. No matter what the nature of the crime that you are accused of, our arson defense attorneys in San Diego are prepared to help you all the time. Our lawyers will be the best defense for you as they are very established in their area of expertise. People who were  accused of any types of crimes, Attorneys Top Criminal Defense Law Firms has continuously advocated them from the past 18 years+ and in order to secure the best possible outcome, his experience and insight will definitely help you immensely. Amidst prosecutors and judges, our criminal defense attorneys are highly recognized and trusted and are also featured often on the local and national news.

Penalties for Arson in California

  • Up to 3 years of prison for burning property, not a structure.
  • 3 to 8 years for burning an abandoned building
  • 2 to 6 years for burning forest land
  • 5 to 9 years for burning anything that causes injuries/harm to human beings
  • Strict penalties for aggravated arson
  • Within the time period of previous ten years, if a person has been convicted of arson for the second time, the new charge is elevated to aggravated arson. Likewise, destruction of five or more inhabited structures or damage to over 6.5 million dollars is also regarded as aggravated arson. The penalty for aggravated arson is 10 years to life.


Why our clients continuously choose us for their cases?

  • Huge record of success in all the cases.
  • There are no-obligation case consultations.
  • The attorneys are highly experienced and have won several accolades.
  • They are frequently featured in the news.
  • Our arson defense attorneys have skilled and effective strategies for your defense.

Information concerning our Arson Defense Services:

Our legal team proactively examines and studies the prosecution evidence for a good argument. We also make sure to check all searches and convulsions for infringement of constitutional rights. In case the searches have been illegal, the evidence that was obtained against the accused cannot be used. And if your rights were indeed violated, then the prosecutor or the judge may be persuaded to free the matter or the case can be dismissed

Many a time, it is observed through our past experiences that an additional examination of the facts is highly necessary. This process helps immensely in formulating a defense that is fair and fit. Our criminal defense attorneys do a primary thoroughgoing investigation of the accuser’s history and background so that nothing remains disregarded.

Our lawyers are accomplished in arson cases because they have expertly managed several cases of people in San Diego, California area who were accused of arson. Our attorneys possess over 35 years of collective experience in criminal defense. They have commanded over 100 jury trials and successfully so.  Our lead attorney, Mr. Top Criminal Defense Law Firms has alone defended high profile clients. Mr. Armstrong even had his lawsuits reported on CNN, San Diego Union-Tribune and NBC Nightly News. His cases have been featured on “Court TV” and “Law & Order: Crime & Punishment”.

The reason why our lawyers understand the nuances of every case is because they have the experience of criminal defense for a long time. If you are accused of the arson charges and are not able to engage an accomplished and devoted arson defense attorney, then you can have to face sentence results or other stern punishment if your innocence is not proven. That is the reason why our firm represents each individual accused of any sort of arson case and treats them with honesty and highest importance.

Our team of attorneys has acquired a high training experience from years of successful practice. Furthermore, they also have accomplished experience of courtroom which can make it highly possible for an accused to win the case. Our lawyers are greatly gratified with the high record of successes provided to our clients who were defended corresponding to severe charges of arson.


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