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Among the seriousness of various crimes, child abuse is particularly a grave one. If proven guilty, depending upon the act whether it is physical or sexual abuse, a person might even have to face a jail sentence for two years. Sexual abuse of a child in certain cases can even result in sex registration for the whole lifetime, compelled to be shifted elsewhere from schools and parks, and the loss of the defendant’s job. And even though a person is charged with misbehavior, this can lead up to one year in jail along with huge amount of penalties. On the other hand, if a person is alleged with physical abuse, no matter to what extent of graveness, they can end up losing their parental rights to that child. Keeping such serious results in mind, if you are being charged with a case of child abuse, the most crucial decision you ought to consider is getting a highly experienced San Diego child abuse attorney. Being alleged of child abuse is a very serious allegation, that is the main reason why you should hire a highly experienced child abuse attorney as he/she will hold an authenticated account of achievements and if you are accused of any child abuse allegation, appointing him/her for your defense is the ideal option available to you. Our lawyers believe that a person requires a good legal representation that is both effective and vigorous in order to fight any sort of child abuse charges.


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Our attorneys at The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms have a combined experience of 35 years in defending clients accused in criminal cases in San Diego. Top Criminal Defense Law Firms has alone carried over 75 jury trials to court including sex crimes, murder trials, domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, arson, assault and battery, violent crimes and various other trials that carried a life sentence. Additionally, he has taken to court over 40 juvenile trials, including trials for child molest, assault, and vandalism.

As much as getting an effective legal representation is essential, knowing about the types of child abuse is important too. Below are the various forms of Child Abuse;

  1. Sexual Abuse: Sexual abuse of a child is a very grave and serious offense. According to the requirements of the conviction may require that the alleged person should be registered as a sexual offender. This punishment can restrict the places a person will live and can even shut numerous job opportunities for a lasting time.
  1. Child Neglect: Child Neglect associates to the incompetency of a person who is unable to cater for the primary requirements and needs of a child under their care. This includes essential things such as food, shelter, and medical care.
  1. Intentional Cruelty and Unjustifiable Punishment: It means when a person unduly punishes a child such as beating, closing the child in a closet and other brutal and inhuman treatments.

Why our clients continuously choose us for their Child Abuse Cases?

  • Past record of cases with proven success.
  • Free, no-obligation case consultations.
  • Attorneys are often featured in the news.
  • The lawyers have won many accolades.
  • Strategies of defense that is both effective and aggressive.
  • Child abuse attorneys have competent and proactive strategies for defense.

Our attorneys at The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms give a vigorous protection of individuals who are accused of child abuse in San Diego. Our responsibility and commitment are to entertain each client courteously and as a distinct person. We firmly uphold the belief that every person is innocent until proven guilty. Our criminal defense attorneys in San Diego take the cases they are credited with very earnestly and their commitment to relentlessly defend the innocence of the client. Although we always seek to settle a dismissal of charges, if needed, we are also prepared for the trial.  If a person is involved in a child abuse charge and fails to employ an established and dedicated defense attorney, then there are high chances that a person will end up losing the case. If the person’s innocence is not proven, they may even have to face the harsh results of the sentence and other strict penalties. That is the reason why our law firm represents each individual accused of child abuse crime and treats their cases with responsibility and utmost importance.

A right defense is established by bringing an additional inquiry in motion into the facts. This is so because a complete investigation is crucial for the accuser’s history and background. However, there exists a fundamental necessary factor that must be examined and brought into consideration. It is if your rights were, in any way, infringed before or after you were charged by law enforcement personnel then the prosecutor may be influenced to free the alleged person and dismiss the case.

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Let our experienced and proven attorneys fight for you because we have an experience of defense for over 35 combined years and with that, our child abuse attorneys in San Diego have developed a deep understanding of the various nuance present in every case. Furthermore, we also possess an accomplished courtroom experience which can help a convict win the case greatly. Our team of lawyers is greatly gratified with the high record of successes provided to our clients who were defended corresponding to severe charges of child abuse.

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