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San Diego criminal defense attorneys at our law firm possess an established record of accomplishment and if you are accused of any crime, appointing them for your defense should be the utmost essential choice taken by you. In spite of the nature of crime you are alleged of, be it accusation of domestic violence, assault and battery, drug crime, federal crime, driving under the influence (DUI), a violent felony offense, fraud, kidnapping, theft or any violent crime, our attorneys are available to assist you all the time as they are highly experienced in their area of expertise. People who were  accused of any type of crime, Attorneys Top Criminal Defense Law Firms has continuously advocated them from the past 18 years and in order to secure the best possible outcome, his experience and insight will definitely help you immensely. Amidst prosecutors and judges, our lawyers are highly recognized and trusted and are also featured often on the local and national news.


Why our clients continuously choose San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys for their criminal cases?

  • In the past, we have demonstrated high success record of many cases.
  • There are no-obligation case consultations.
  • Our attorneys are highly experienced and have won several accolades; they are frequently featured in the news as well.
  • Our criminal defense attorneys have competent and proactive strategies for defense.

The reason why San Diego sex crimes attorneys recognize the subtleties behind every situation is because the attorneys at our law firm have the experience of criminal defense for over 35 combined years. If you are accused of the criminal charges and are unable to employ accomplished and devoted defense attorneys, you can face stern punishment by the court. That is the reason why our firm represents each individual accused of any sort of crime and treats their cases with responsibility and utmost importance.

Attorneys at our San Diego criminal defense law firm have not just 35 years of combined experience defending criminal cases in San Diego but they have deftly handled thousands of criminal cases. Attorney Top Criminal Defense Law Firms has alone taken to court over 75 jury trials including sex crimes, murder trials, domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, arson, assault and battery, violent crimes and various other trials that carried a life sentence. Furthermore, he has litigated over 40 juvenile trials, including trials for child molest, assault, and vandalism.   The team of attorneys at our law firm has accumulated years of high training and courtroom experience.  Thus, we are immensely pleased with the high record of successes provided to our clients who were protected corresponding to serious criminal charges.

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Information Regarding our criminal defense services:

Our criminal defense attorneys in San Diego believe that if you are accused in a criminal case, the highly likely possibility of getting a favorable verdict depends entirely on how early you commence the search for working out a solid defense for yourself. In order to help you as best as we can, you will not just be provided with all the essential information concerning criminal charges, but we will also assist you to guard your freedom and rights by fighting your cases.

If you are alleged with a crime, it is not just your future that is at risk but also the lives of those around you. That is why it is highly advised that you should not delay it excessively long to contact an attorney. In order to make your stance strong, you should take action as soon as possible as it will immensely help you to evade the consequences that a conviction can bring. Our seasoned attorneys in San Diego are always ready to help you. In order to help you fight strongly for an acquittal, our legal team of criminal defense attorneys searches out all protection possibilities. However, when criminal defense attorneys are contesting the prosecutor’s evidence, they take their time in order to evaluate each viewpoint of the evidence and preserve the multiple alternatives.

It is our firm belief that there exist a substantial number of cases today that, if the evidence is properly reexamined and rightly assessed, could be triumphantly defended. That is why, the daily work of attorneys in San Diego comprises of challenging police reports, lab reports, aggressively cross-examining witnesses, and seeking other evidence.

Often it is seen that an additional inquiry into the facts is essential for the formulation of an adequate defense. Also, a thorough check is necessary for the accuser’s history and background. Yet, one extra important element that must be explored and brought into consideration aside from this is if by law enforcement personnel your rights were in any way violated before or after you were charged. And if your rights were indeed violated, then the prosecutor or the judge may be persuaded to disentangle the matter or drop the case.  If you want your case to be evaluated by a proficient criminal defense lawyer, give a call at (619) 234-2300 to our defense team in San Diego. We are always ready to assist you and defend you through the case in the court. We realize the importance of what consequences of a case must mean to you. That is why our criminal defense attorneys in San Diego will do everything in their capacity in order to shield your name and secure your reputation.


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