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Warrants can turn up to embarrass you and disrupt your life. A warrant is a court order for your arrest. It can occur merely because you failed to appear in court when you were supposed to. It can also be due to a criminal charge you have not yet addressed, or even a failure to pay traffic tickets. If you have a warrant outstanding for your arrest in San Diego, you need to deal with this immediately.

If you are pulled over for a small traffic offense, the police officer normally asks for your license. He then returns to the computer in his cruiser and checks the warrants record. If your name comes up, he takes you in for booking. What is even worse is when police come calling at your home. You find yourself being led away in handcuffs in full view of your family and neighbors. It may be easier than you think to take care of the matter. You need to contact a lawyer who is experienced in handling warrants in San Diego County.

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The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC is a San Diego, CA criminal law firm serving clients charged with warrants. Our San Diego criminal defense lawyers have skillfully helped many clients clean up warrants outstanding on their records. When clients have simply a failure to appear, we have sometimes been able to handle the matter without a court appearance by the client. When the client has been charged with a crime, we have helped the client turn himself in discreetly and then aggressively defended him against the charge so that he could put the matter behind him.

Our lead attorney, Kerry Armstrong, has represented many high profile clients. His litigation has been covered in news sources such as CNN, NBC Nightly News and theĀ San Diego Union-Tribune.

Contact an experienced lawyer at the firm to learn about your rights and legal options if a warrant has been issued for your arrest![/fullwidth]

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