Why A Criminal Lawyer

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Fight Against Potential Jail Time, Probation, and Fines

When facing any type of criminal charges, it is imperative that action is quickly taken to protect your rights and start building a defense to refute the evidence and information that is gathered to be used against you. No matter what the circumstances are that surround your legal issue, there is a common denominator in all crimes, which is that a conviction can lead to penalties and a criminal record.

If you or someone you care about has been charged for a crime, the most important decision you will need to make is who will represent you in your case, as this will mean the difference between winning and losing. Allowing an inexperienced attorney to handle your case, or even worse, waiving your right to representation, can produce incredibly unfavorable results that could present problems for you well into the future.

The most effective way to be proactive in defending yourself is to discuss your legal matter with an exceptionally qualified San Diego criminal defense attorney that is extensively experienced in fighting charges similar to what you are dealing with and has a proven ability to win.

Choose an Experienced Criminal Attorney in San Diego, CA

At The Law Offices of Top Criminal Defense Law Firms, APLC, our seasoned legal team can provide you with the high level of guidance and advocacy you need and deserve in a vast range of criminal legal matters such as sex crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, DUI Offenses, theft, federal crimes, domestic violence, probation violations and much more.

We are a full-service criminal defense practice with almost 20 years of combined experience in effectively defending individuals in their cases. We are passionately dedicated to zealously protecting your rights in and out of court and helping to ensure fairness throughout the entire course of your case, from pre-charge investigations to trial and appeals.

Contact a San Diego criminal attorney at our firm now to confidentially discuss your situation and learn what measures can be employed to defend you.[/fullwidth]

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